Solar Powered Hyundai

A new release from Hyundai encompassing solar panels on the Sonata hybrid.

“Fitting hybrids with panels that can harvest solar energy would boost fuel efficiency and lower carbon dioxide emissions”, stated Hyundai.
“60% of the power for the car’s battery could be supplied if the solar roof was used for six hours a day.”

The panels which have been added could increase the running of the electric hybrid by 800 miles a year.

Optional Extra

The panels although being a great idea are going to cost more than the standard vehicle, and will only be sold as an optional extra from the get go.

However, right now Hyundai are working on a second gen version of the roof which will also be able to act as a sun roof, giving more sunlight to the cabin.
Unfortunately though the car will only be available in America and South Korea, with the weather in the UK it wouldn’t help us much anyway.

Toyota Prius, Karma Revero

Hyundai aren’t the first to jump on the solar trend with Toyota Prius, Karma Revero already on sale.

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