Sony Foldable Phone

Although there are still no commercially-available foldable phones, nearly all smartphone company’s encompass a foldable mobile, reported or confirmed to be within the works, and it appears Sony may be joining that ever-growing list with the Sony Xperia F.

The Sony Xperia F, if a report from Chinese web site CNMO is to be believed, are going to be a foldable 5G phone which mixes common options of Sony smartphones with some pretty artistic movement concepts.

According to the report, the Sony Xperia F can have a 21:9 aspect ratio, just like the company’s most up-to-date Sony Xperia one, that suggests it’s designed for streaming content like feature films, as most 21:9 phones are.

If the Sony Xperia F is 21:9, it appears that the mobile can fold down on itself in an ‘clamshell’ style, as phones with this ratio are usually a touch elongated, and then the flexibility to fold it down would cut back its inconvenience within the pocket.Harking back to the days of the Motorola RAZR.

The report also suggests the Sony Xperia F is going to be 5G-compatible – this is not a large surprise given the Xperia F is claimed to unharness in 2020, once 5G phones are going to be a mainstream, however we have not detected Sony working on a 5G phone already.

The Sony Xperia F name is not confirmed either, though that is what a lot of individuals have eluding to.

Before the Xperia F, Sony has still to wow with the Xperia one.

Sony’s smartphone division has been in an exceeding quandary recently with dwindling sales, and it remains to be seen if the company’s commitment to 21:9 facet ratios pays off – however if the Sony Xperia F could be a novel enough phone, it may well be the mobile to raise the company from its dwindling position in the market.

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