Sony has announced a concept electric car

Sony the Electronics giant has shocked the world with the unveiling of an electric car, named the Vision S.

At the CES tech show in Vegas Sony has opened to world up to plans ongoing by revealing the new prototype vehicle.

The dashboard has been designed to surround the user with an ultra-wide panoramic screen, “for driving information and entertainment”

However, unfortunately despite the great design and futuristic features Sony have declined comment on whether the can will go on sale to the general public.

“We will accelerate our efforts to contribute to the future of mobility,” Sony’s chief executive Kenichiro Yoshida.

Among the onslaught of features there are some pretty futuristic ideas including, a technology that senses the occupants of the car, recognises them in turn allowing the entertainment system to monitor their gesture control.

The Vision S contains 33 sensors in total and Sony is known to have developed image sensors, which can analyse the pathway of the vehicle.

This tech could be used for self-driving or assisted driving in future, allowing the vehicle to apply the brakes or adjust steering.

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