Sony has shipped just 17.3 million PlayStation 5

Sony has shipped just 17.3 million PlayStation 5 units to date that’s nearly 3 million fewer than the PlayStation 4 units respectively.

However, unlike the PS5, the previous generation console was easily found on store shelves, something which has evaded the PlayStation 5 due to chip shortages.

The true demand and popularity of ‘new’ consoles is still a little abstract, due to the fact that they have not been readily available.

Gaming has grown massively in popularity in the UK since the pandemic, averaging £7bn per year, a 40% increase on prior figures.

The PlayStation 5 is a loss leader for Sony, due to the amount of sophisticated hardware encapsulated in the shell, and the R&D required to build suck a machine,

However, as PlayStation no accounts for a quarter of the company’s revenue, they are going to need to maintain that.

This year PlayStation are hoping to deliver 11.5 million additional units to consumers, I know that many gaming fans will be pleased to hear that as they may actually see a console this year.

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