Sony launched another PS5 lighter with a price even higher

Sony has launched another PS5 this one is lighter then the prior one with a price even higher and you probably still won’t be able to buy it in stores.

Both the disc and digital versions are now being lightened, the disc version has lost 7% of its weight meaning it’s down to 3.9kg and the digital version has lost 13% (3.4kg).

It isn’t clear yet how Sony has reduced the weight or why it has happened.

It was only earlier this year that the heat sync was changed resulting in a 300g weight loss for the console.

However, the loss in weight doesn’t come without any downfalls as the console will actually be increasing in price.

We are unsure whether more expensive materials or inflation has caused this, however a jump of 6% will be seen on the sale of consoles in the UK.

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