Split Screen Samsung

You may remember in the early 2000’s foldable phones with 2 screens became a big thing, one large on the inside and a notifications screen on the front. Well Samsung appear to be working on something similar, no this time its not foldable, but it will have dual screens.

A patent recently published, after being filed in July 2018, details a handset with a normal size display on the front, but a smaller on the rear.

This isn’t a huge surprise, as we have seen a few varying attempts of something similar over the years.

The front (L), back (M) and side profile (R). Image Credit: USPTO / Samsung

The size of the display on the rear and the fact it is only 4:3 gives the impression it will not be used for gaming or videos, but rather as a notifications panel much like the clamshell phones of days gone by. This puts the phone at an advantage as much like its older clamshell cousins, the larger screen will not need to be operated and therefore will extend the battery life when a user views their notifications.

What also seems clear from the patent is a lack of selfie camera, which gives the impression that this smaller screen will act as a viewfinder. Leaving the selfie camera off the front also leads to an uninterrupted display with no cameras interrupting the viewing experience.

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