Starlink satellites internet powered satellites in the UK

Starlink, the internet powered by satellites is already in service by some in the UK and the person behind it, Elon Musk.

A limited trial began last month after a licence had been offered to the company by Ofcom in November 2020.

The decision to give access to Starlink has been seen as a good thing as it introduces competition to the currently limited market.

OneWeb is one of the few competitors currently available in the satellite internet market.

The eventual goal of Starlink is to offer broadband across the globe, using 42,000 satellites to do so.

Thus far Space X has launched 800 of these into space, however, hopes to have 12,000 in circulation by 2026.

The cost to the UK consumer will be £439 for the hardware and £84 per month for the broadband.

But the competition will likely mean the solution will become more affordable for consumers.

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