Switzerland has released first iteration of Coronavirus tracing app Apple and Google

Switzerland has released the first iteration of a Coronavirus tracing app utilising technology provided by Apple and Google.

Key workers in the country including military, healthcare and civil servants can now install the SwissCovid app prior to a planned national roll out.

However, the US companies have received some criticism for how they are handling the data, de-centralised rather than centralised.

These new contact tracing apps are likely to become standard in smartphones, they will detect when two people are within a certain distance of one another for long enough to present a risk.

Parties with the app installed can then be made aware if they have been in contact with a person with virus symptoms.

The Apple and Google coalition will only work with suitable handsets and it limited to those updated to the latest operating system.

The Application Programming Interface has faced criticism though and will not be used by the UK Government as the data is restricted to them.

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