Tesla approval on Gigafactory in Germany

Tesla has been given approval to complete works on the Gigafactory in Germany although there are several conditions to the agreement.

The Gigafactory in Germany has been sought after for a few years for by the American vehicle manufacturer, however until now German ca companies have managed to keep them out.

The Gigafactory was actually conceived in 2019, and until now has been harassed by numerous groups looking to alt the construction.

Environmental protest groups had a large part to play, protesting that the factory’s water use and potential disruption to wildlife.

Elon Musk has since responded to some of these outbursts relating to the environmental damage, stating that the area had been cleared prior to development and that the area that was being used was “not a natural forest”.

This is quite true as the area for the construction had actually only been created in order to construct cardboard and was not originally an area of forestation.

Musk has previously stated that the Gigafactory concept is a “machine that builds the machine”.

Half a million cars per year are planned for manufacture at the factory in Germany and there will be 12,000 employees to cater for that.

The plant may already be developing prototype cars, however production of models for sale is still unknown.

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