Tesla Cybertruck takes on a Ford F150

The new Tesla has been unveiled and with over 200,000 pre-orders Musk cannot be too disappointed, however a few days after the unveiling, he posted a tug of war video with a Ford F150.

This video showed the “Cybertruck” overpowering the Ford with ease. But, there has been many a party saying the match was unfair.

Not one to quibble, Musk has agreed to a rematch, the reason for the match being named unfair was due to the F150 being rear wheel drive, whereas the Cybertruck is all wheel drive.

Another unfair advantage could have been the engine on the Ford being a lower-spec STX package with a 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 engine, making it lighter than the Cybertruck.

Neil deGrasse Tyson a known scientist commented that electric vehicles are “famously heavy” over the axles, therefore, giving the Cybertruck an advantage.

Sundeep Madra, vice president of Fords venture incubator “Ford X”, challenged Musk to an “apples to apples test.” Musk responded quickly: “Bring it on,” adding that he’ll “aim to do this next week.”

Whether he win or loose the rematch, he has already sought quite the following with 200,000 people already paying $100 for the right to pre-order.

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