Tesla fined in Norway following a software update in 2019

Tesla has been fined in Norway following a software update in 2019 which may have slowed battery charging speeds and affected miles available to be driven.

30 customers op Tesla have now joined in this suit against the car manufacturer.

£11,500 for each of the complainant will be the payout if the claim successfully navigate the courtroom.

Tesla has yet to comment on findings which relate two Tesla Model S vehicles developed between 2013 and 2015.

The battery which is subject to define has not been in development since 2016.

Car manufacturers these days will often update software in a motor vehicle following release, in this circumstance the update was designed to protect the batteries.

However, it seems that much like Apple previously this year throttling their handsets, Tesla may have been doing the same.

One of the complainants claims the range on his Tesla Model S reduced from 247 miles to just 217 in a matter of weeks.

Back in 2016 Tesla made out of court settlements 226 customers in Norway who had said their cars no longer matched the claims made within the marketing materials released by Tesla.

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