Tesla is the worlds most valuable carmaker

Tesla has shocked the world, overtaking Toyota to become the worlds most valuable carmaker, following its stocks hitting record levels.

The shares reached a peak of $1,134 Wednesday the 1st of July attributing to a market value of $209.47bn.

Meaning that it over took Toyota by a huge $4bn, let us remind you it was only a couple of months ago that Tesla overcame the $100bn value.

It is worthwhile remembering that Toyota is still operating a lot better than Tesla, with 30 times the vehicles sold in 3019 and ten times the revenue of Tesla.

However, this is a great sign for electric vehicles, people are starting to see them as the future for transport.

This has led to an increase in trust of electric car manufacturers, hence the Tesla shares skyrocketing in recent months.

Despite Coronavirus and years of losses, Tesla has managed to produce profit for the first quarter of 2020.

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