Tesla lawsuit in the US alleged limiting battery Model S

Tesla has settled a lawsuit in the US to the tune of $1.5 million the lawsuit alleged software updates were limiting the battery charge voltage in Model S.

2019 the software update was released resulting in slower charging speed and a diminished range for over 1700 vehicles.

Tesla has agreed a payment to all of the vehicle owners at the value of $625.

“This amount is many times the prorated value of the temporarily reduced maximum voltage, and thus represents an excellent and efficient result for the Settlement Class,” the court document reads.

“In return, the Settlement Class will release claims related to the software updates that imposed and then restored the batteries’ maximum voltage.”

The owners lawyers are said to have conducted an investigation into the claims and found, “voltage limitation was temporary, with a 10% reduction lasting about 3 months, and a smaller 7% reduction lasting another 7 months before the corrective update was released in March 2020. Following that second update, the vehicles’ voltage showed steady restoration over time.”

The charge of throttling their cars has been knocking at the door of Tesla before, last year in Norway they also settled to thousands of customers for throttling their vehicles.

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