Tesla now also made in China

The first Tesla made in China has been delivered, which marks quite the milestone for the 16 year old company.

Fifteen or the Tesla Model 3 have been handed over at the the company’s Shanghai factory.

Moving into China may seem to make sense, as labor costs are a lot lower over there and therefore cost per unit it lower, hence we see a lot of “Made in China” stickers on consumer products.

However, this is quite a jump for Musk with such a young American company, as he is aiming to secure a slice of the world’s biggest motor vehicle market.

The other American car manufacturers are already following suit, not wanting to miss out.

The factory was only announced a year ago and already it is delivering cars, which shows the pace that has gone into development.

The Model 3 when sold to the general public in China will be available for around £38,000 pounds, but the biggest thing is that it will avoid the Chinese import fees, which can be astronomical.

When the Tesla is available to the general public it will face some fierce competition from both NTO and Xpeng Motors, Chinese electric car manufacturers.

China isn’t the endgame for Tesla, he has a gigafactory being built in the states to develop battery tech for future cars, but before then there will be a new factory built in Europe, likely outside Berlin.

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