The Apple self driving car will ever see the public road

The Apple self driving car has been mired with discontent by staff and also by achievements leaving us to wonder whether it will ever see the public road.The Information has described some of the many challenges, which have been established in the development journey to date.

The paper has also divulged into some interesting new fact, one of which being that Craig Federighi the Apple Software Chief is said to be sceptical of the project.

The problems seem to be that the cars can perform perfectly well on pre-determined routes, however when navigating in unknowns they seem to struggle.

One incident highlighted referred to a jogger who was almost hit by the vehicle after he crossed the road.

Apple concluded that the jogger would have been hit, if it hadn’t been for the human driver intervening.

Apple isn’t the only manufacturer who is running into difficulties in training the AI to be capable of navigating today’s roads.

Apple are still targeting a launch date of 2025 for the Apple car, and hopes to get a near final realisation for testing next year.

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