The Boring Company complete construction of the loop

The Boring Company has completed construction of a second tunnel beneath the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

This is just a small part of a vast project totalling $52.5 million, it is a “people-mover” system, which will shuttle visitors across the venue.

The tunnels are due to open in January 2021 to be made available for the Consumer Electronics Show, so the work needs to keep at a steady pace as little of the above ground stations have been built yet.

This will be the first of the Boring Company’s commercial transportation systems in operation, with an expected peak performance of 4,000 persons being moved an hour.

The Loop as it has been known, will use Tesla cars and a new tram to transport passengers, a journey that will only take 2 minutes now, when previously it was 15 minutes.

The vehicles will use the sensors laid in the tunnels to appear autonomous, however the eventual goal is to allow the Tesla autopilot to be used..”

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