The end of multiple charging cables

It may have taken several years in the making but in the Autumn of 2024, there will only be one cable from then on.

The EU has decided the USB type C charger will be the only cable authorised for portable electronic devices, therefore the days of the apple lightning cable have come to an end.

However, this law his only being passed in the EU and following Brexit the UK is no longer included, it does seem though that due to the trade agreement with Northern Ireland they will need to conform to the new EU policy.

This means the apple products and even Amazon products both of which have been using alternate charging cables will now all share a universal connexion.

Eventually even laptops are likely to be included in the new legislation however no date has been put in place for that eventuality.

Apple has argued that the regulation mandating just one connector will stifle innovation and not encourage it which may turn off consumers around the world.

You Don’t often consider what devices you use that may use a different type of charging connector however these can include devices such as mobile phones, tablets, headphones, handhold video games consoles and even portable speakers.

Any of these devices will need to be charged and it is likely at present they will be using a cable such as a micro USB an apple lightning cable over older devices there are more varied variety.

One of the changes in this new legislation relates to consumers having the option whether they need a charging cable with their new technology.

“This law is a part of a broader EU effort to make products in the EU more sustainable, to reduce electronic waste, and make consumers’ lives easier,” the European Union has said in an announcement.

This change was originally designed in order to reduce waste, and may contribute to the reduction of up to 11,000 tonnes per year.

However it’s also going to help our pockets with a combined reduction of £213 million per year in spending on unnecessary charges.

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