The first ever Google smartwatch unveiled

The first ever Google smartwatch has been unveiled combining the Wear OS with the Fitbit health tracking.

Google acquired Fitbit a while ago now and not much has happened since, so this is a big unveiling for the company.

The watch itself will have limited pairing capabilities, with only Android devices being compatible.

However, it will also be 4G compatible, meaning it will be able to operate without being near a handset, this will require you to purchase an additional data plan though.

The phone and the watch being used will also need to be on the same network provider.

It’s due for launch in the Autumn and Google has yet to release pricing of te new premium smartwatch.

Although with Apple and Samsung already punching some heavyweight devices, Google will need to impress to get a seat at the table.

The Google Wear OS is already in use by third party companies, but this will be the first time Google has released it’s own offering.

Rick Osterloh, senior vice-president of devices and services at Google, has said, ”Google’s ecosystem and Fitbit expertise” will make the product unique.

The Fitbit takeover was originally called into question by the European commission, due to monopolisation, however this case was won by Google.

Google did have to make some promises in order to continue with the acquisition, including promising not to, “degrade the user experience of third-party smartwatches when paired with an Android phone”.

This has a 10 year commitment that Google will need to maintain.

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