Those over 75 still get a free TV licence for a little longer

The BBC has delayed plans to start charging those over 75 who do not receive the Pension Credit till August 1st, because of the Coronavirus.

Those over the age of 75 currently receive free television licence in the UK, this was first introduced by the Labour chancellor, Gordon Brown.

However, in June last year it was decided that going forward those who didn’t receive the Pension Credit would no longer be eligible.

Those plans were to set in motion on the 1st of June, however due to the virus with has been delayed to August the 1st.

The BBC has said this change will impact 3.7 million people.

“Changes to the TV licence for people aged over 75 had been due to come into effect on 1 June,” said the BBC in a joint statement with the British Government. “But during this time we do not want anyone to be worried about any potential change.”

“The BBC’s priority over the coming period will be to do everything we can to serve the nation at this uniquely challenging time. As the national broadcaster, the BBC has a vital role to play in supplying information to the public in the weeks and months ahead.”

The new date of August 1st will be kept “under review” as the situation around the Coronavirus develops in the UK.

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