Uber US destroying thousands of electric bikes

Uber US destroying thousands of electric bikes following the sale of its Jump business to Lime.

This comes as the demand for bikes and scooters is at its highest for years.

Videos of the red bicycles being crushed at recycling centres are flooding the internet, angering both green audiences and those who have just forked out a small fortune for their new electric bike.

It is claimed by Uber that the vehicles being destroyed are older models, which were due to be destroyed anyway due to maintenance, liability and safety concerns.

This is just in the States though and Uber UK is not scrapping bikes in the same way, as they are still operating Jump here.

We know Uber is looking to expand the offering following the recent trials of Uber Air.

We also know that in Uber disclosed that it would focus on electric bikes and scooters, rather than cars.

Uber has therefore invested £139m in Lime, while Lime acquired “tens of thousands” of Uber’s Jump bikes.

However, “tens of thousands” of older models of bikes were the ones to be destroyed not included in the deal.

Charities and organisations have been in despair, the bikes could have been put to worthwhile causes given the current international situation.