Unlock your iPhone while wearing a face mask

The latest operating system beta from Apple, IOS 13, see’s a large improvement for those wanting to gain access to their phone while wearing a mask.

With the new update whether you are wearing a mask or scarf to cover your mouth and or nose, the handset will offer you the pass code with just one swipe rather than the face ID.

There is no doubt if you have a respiratory face mask to protect from COVID-19 this scenario has befallen you, you reach for your phone and try to scan your face, but it doesn’t work, then you repeatedly push and swipe the screen to get the pass-code, but it just scans your face again.

It is infuriating, but Apple have come to the same conclusion and hopefully this fix will resolve the issue for those without the physical home button.

It is a big change for Apple and rare that they adjust their IOS authentication, however they are moving with the trend and looking to help given the current pandemic.

The FaceTime setting will also change, whereas the user speaking in a group would previously grow larger, the service will now offer a grid view in addition meaning all persons on the call will remain the same size.

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