Volkswagen ID Buzz electric minibus due in 2023

The new Volkswagen ID Buzz electric minibus due in 2023 and will the first autonomous vehicle offered by the company.

The concept was originally released in 2017, with the first production due in 2022, however this was delayed to 2023.

In the UK it is likely we will see both a commercial and passenger version of the minibus/van.

In terms of drivetrain, the lower value vehicle is claimed to have 200 bhp rear wheel drive, with a punchier 300bhp all-wheel drive for the higher value vehicle.

It is likely that despite autonomous vehicles currently being a very grey area in the UK, the van will be developed so it can be turned on if required.

You can probably guess from the photo on where VW got the styling of the iconic vehicle from, however if you are unsure then you will have to do a little research.

This will become part of the all-electric suite of vehicle due to be released by the manufacturer prior to 2025.

The floor of the car will be housing the batteries so hopefully offering 50-50 weight distribution to this fun looking little EV.

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