Warm up for winter with a smart thermostat saving money

You can now warm up for winter with a smart thermostat not only saving money but also more eco then current fixed thermostats.

The idea of a smart thermostat has been with us for a while, but now is the time you should really consider one, they ae a great money saver and better for the environment.

Amazon is joining the raft of thermostats currently available including Google, Nest and Hive, with the Alexa Smart Thermostat.

The Amazon event in 2021 had a few devices shown off, but this went a bit under the radar at the time, however at the price it’s at, it really shouldn’t have.

Roughly £45 will get you an Alexa Thermostat, that’s cheaper than most of the competition, and it will be built in conjunction with Honeywell Home thermostats.

Amazon has stated that the Alexa Smart Thermostat will work with the majority of HVAC systems, and is Energy Star certified, meaning the device can save power and therefore money.

You’ll be able to control the device using your phone in addition to any Alexa device you have around the house.

If you are to turn on Alexa Hunches, it will use AI to determine whether you are not at home or in bed and therefore it can reduce the heating.

Hunches first saw the market in 2018 in the US, allowing Alexa to control a multitude of smart devices around the home, this could be a light being turned off when you said “Alexa goodnight”.

Amazon has yet to confirm whether Alexa Smart Thermostat will be available in the UK, however they did say that internationalisation of all products is incredibly important.

Therefore, we can be pretty sure that Alexa Thermostat will be in the UK in the coming years.

Whether or not it does though now could be a great time to look into this as a solution for your house.

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