Waze releasing new safety features Internationally

Waze the navigation app owned by Google is now releasing some pretty nifty safety features internationally, railway crossings.

The feature has already been active in the US, Canada and Belgium since earlier this year, however it was not widely advertised.

No the feature will be brought to the UK, Italy, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, however as with Waze as it is it will be relying on local contributors to fill in the gaps.

“Railroad Crossing alerts started rolling out on Waze earlier this year, however now that more people are returning to the roads following the COVID-19 outbreak we are highlighting this functionality to help promote road safety,” a spokesperson for Waze has said.

The alerts appear as a pop-up in the Waze app but can be turned off by users. To turn the alerts off, users can head to Search > Settings > Map Display > Reports > Railroad crossing and deselect “Alert me while driving.” It’s not clear exactly how many crossings are included in Waze’s database or how coverage may differ between countries.

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