WhatsApp dark mode, you’ve never seen anything like it

We have been waiting years for the much anticipated Dark mode and the great news we might not be getting just one, but two modes.

Most social apps already have these features, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

However since the Apples and Samsung now released their themes WhatsApp, may have felt a touch historic without one.

WABetaInfo has released the info about the most recent beta for WhatsApp on the IOS has this setting.

The first of these uses very dark colors, with a black background. It’s possible that this design is intended specifically for phones with AMOLED screens, as black pixels on these screens are turned off and therefore use less power (at least in theory)

The second dark mode uses slightly lighter shades of gray, but the two look otherwise very similar. Both use the dark blue/green and gray text bubbles we’ve already seen tucked away in earlier beta releases.

Even if you install the new WhatsApp beta, you won’t be able to access the new options (so far they’re only visible as assets tucked away in the app’s installation package) and there’s no indication of when the themes might become available.

The fact that the developers still seem to be experimenting with different options suggests the release might still be a few months away, but we’ll keep you updated once the dark modes are available for beta testing..

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