WhatsApp mute just your frienemies

WhatsApp new features allowing you to mute just one or two of your frienemies while on a group call instead of everyone on the call.

This is a particularly useful tool when someone has left their phone unmuted while in a busy area or if you are in the same room as a friend or colleague.

One of the greatest flaws with going back to the office is the echo around the room when you are on the same call as a colleague, but this will soon be a distant memory.

Zoom, Teams and even Skype have had this feature for a while, but it is only now we are seeing it being rolled out to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp will also allow you to message specific people on the call, while in the call, so you will be able to natter about co-workers without them hearing or seeing.

Another new feature is a banner showing new members joining the call, again this has been available in Zoom, Teams and Skype for a while now.

People who are not your contacts will also be able to see some more of your details than previously available, including your photo, full name and the about me section, but you can turn this feature off.

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