WhatsApp transfer between Android and iPhone

WhatsApp will be adding the capability for users to transfer conversations between Android and iPhone functionality that has been restricted to iPhone to android till now.

Switching from Android to Apple and vice versa has always been quite a complicated exercise, despite both operating systems doing as much as they can to make it easier.

Applications can be lost to the ether and so can conversations, however this is quite a big change as WhatsApp is currently used by over 40 million people in the UK.

This will make the transitions between operating systems easier for them, and might allow people to transfer back and forth more often.

Having either OS it is very easy to upgrade to a model of phone on the same OS, with apple you just need to scan the screen of your old device.

However, the transfer of WhatsApp will only work on new or factory reset iPhones, and will be built into the existing Move to iOS app, which helps move from Android to iOS.

Another floor though is the operating system requirements as the Apple must be version 15.5 and Android can be no earlier than version 5.

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