Wi-Fi devices face snooping risk due to new found security flaw

Security researchers announced that a new vulnerability has been found and could be used to snoop on users, it’s a Wi-Fi security flaw.

The new flaw has been found by ESET and they have named the flaw Kr00k, it could be used to compromise the chipsets from leading providers, which are found in smartphones, tablets, laptops and other “internet of things” gadgets.

It is able to decrypt Wi-Fi traffic and snoop on the data, many popular devices are at risk including; Apple iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, Amazon Echo and Kindle, Samsung’s Galaxy Range, Xiaomi’s Redmi phones, Google’s Nexus line and Raspberry Pi.

Asus and Huawei are not out of the running either with access points and routers found to be susceptible.

Not all chipsets have been inspected, however it is known that the Broadcom and Cypress chipsets are vulnerable.

“According to some vendor publications and our own (non-comprehensive) tests, devices should have received patches for the vulnerability,” ESET stated.

“Depending on the device type, this might only mean ensuring the latest OS or software updates are installed (Android, Apple and Windows devices; some IoT devices), but may require a firmware update (access points, routers and some IoT devices).”

All major manufacturers have now released a patch for the flaw, so ensure your devices are up to date.

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