Xbox or PlayStation saving money by simply changing standby mode

Xbox or PlayStation owners could be saving themselves a lot of money each year by simply changing the standby mode of the console.

By leaving these consoles in the standby modes it could be costing you up to £5 per month, whereas you could just turn it off.

Prices in the UK are due to jump up to 80% so tricks like this could save a small fortune in the run up to Christmas.

Microsoft has 2 power modes, “Instant On” and “Energy Saver”, by leaving it in the Instant On mode it could be costing you up to £5 per month.

The Instant On mode can consume up to 13 watts, whereas the Energy Saver is only using 0.5, which is a huge saving.

Of course it comes with some negatives, such as you will need to boot up games each time when you start the console, rather than jumping strait in.

Xbox consoles can now also download updates while in the Energy Saver mode, which was one of the big advantages of Instant On.

The same is true for PlayStation, if you are leaving the console in the Rest mode it will cost more than turning the console off, the increase is not as vast as the Xbox, however pennies do add up to pounds.

You may also want to consider other energy saving tactics in the run up to winter this year, such as smart plugs and timers on devices when you do not need to use them.

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