Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, wrap around screen

Many smartphone companies are attempting to design handsets which encompass a 100% screen, this means the entire of the front of the phone is screen with no bezels for cameras or microphones.

A solar powered phone and now, Xiaomi seem to have taken the lead in the race with a phone not only 100% screen on the front, but also 80% on the back.

This means that the screen flows around the device starting to the left of the rear camera and going all round the handset, including on the sides and across the back.

The only thing, which means it isn’t a 100% wrap around screen are a couple of small bezels on the front and the rear camera itself.

The edge of the handset acts as a status bar where signal and battery can be displayed, but in addition to this the screen has had pressure sensitive pads added for volume.

108MP camera

The camera has has had some tricks thrown at it also and can perform very well in low light conditions.

Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset

12GB of RAM

4050mAh battery

40W wired fast charging

512GB of storage


While we love the innovation that Xiaomi have managed with this phone we cant really see where it will be of any use, the Mi Mix Alpha looks great, but how will you put a case on it? Also as soon as you drop that from any angle surely it’s going to fragment into a thousand pieces.

£2,260, quite a lot for a phone, and we see no real point, other than the shards of glass which are inevitably going to be flung from the handset when you drop it.

If you really want a taste of the future maybe spend that money on a foldable phone instead, you’ll probably even have some change left over.