Zoom blocked by the Indian Government

Zoom has been blocked by the Indian government, following security concerns raised around use of the software for confidential meetings.

Joining a rather long list of international governments and companies now regulating the Zoom conferencing platform.

As you will likely know the popularity of Zoom has skyrocketed since the lockdown was put in place around the world, thus leading to an increase of scrutiny for the security of the service.

The Indian Home Minister wrote in an advisory note, “the platform is not for use by Government officers/officials for official purposes. Zoom is not a safe platform even for usage by individuals.”

This same note went on to that a detailed advisory has already been issued by CERT-India, they are the national nodal agency for responding to computer security incidents.

An order issued on March 30th, CERT-India said that, “Zoom was vulnerable to cyber attacks, including the possible leaking of sensitive data.”

One of the more serious concerns was the insecure usage of the platform, which could allow criminals to access sensitive information, including meeting details and conversation histories.

Zoom has been accused by some for being vulnerable to access by motivated hackers, gaining unauthorised entry to meetings.

However, this is not the only concern as although Zoom has now upgraded their security, much of Zoom’s back-end research originates from China.

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