2025 Jaguar Land Rover focusing entirely electric car

2025 the date has been set by Jaguar Land Rover to stop producing fossil fuel Jaguars, and to focus entirely on the electric car market.

This may come as a surprise to those who have seen a V12 E-Type blasting across highways and circuits around the world.

Now though you may expect an electric vehicle from the once revered racing team.

Why would a company with such motoring prestige and regarded swap to an all-electric base?

Well, the answer comes given pressure for companies worldwide to reduce CO2 emissions and focus on electric vehicles from 2030.

The Land Rover fleet will be joining in the electric line up by 2030.

The strategy will require the three UK plants currently in use, however the Castle Bromwich site will eventually stop manufacturing cars.

Spending on the new strategy is proposed at £2.5bn annually, on research and development of the technology.

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