5G is it safe, Ofcom have the answer

UK safety tests have finally been conducted on 5G base stations and they have found the radiation levels to be safe.

Fears have been raised over the the roll out of ultra fast 5G networks being introduced to the UK, not least at Huawei being involved.

The other fear is about the damage the of what 5G transmission masts could have on humans.

However, UK regulator Ofcom has now released its finding, these are that no identifiable risks can be found in the 5G technology.

The greatest result returned was just 0.039% of the recommended exposure limit to humans in radiation.

The limits had been set by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, or the ICNIRP, the term non-ionizing refers to the raditation having no damage on DNA and cells.

“The emissions at each site were a tiny fraction of the maximum levels set out in international guidelines,” Ofcom.

The tests were quite extensive and covered 16 locations where 5G has already been introduced, measing the strength of the electromagnetic field.

There are many horror stories about 5G online and they can soon drive anyone into a paranoid state, however despite the good news from Ofcom, providers do not believe it will have any effect on the fear mongering.

Ofcom has said that since the introduction of 5G there has been an “increasing number of queries”.

“Clearly, the deployment of 5G networks and the take-up of 5G services is at an early stage.”

“We will therefore continue to undertake EMF measurements to monitor the overall trends in the long term.”

So 5G is going ahead, and experts have given it the necessary health check.

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