Apple Card finally released

Tim Cook Apple CEO had said the Apple Card would arrive in August, and he wasn’t lying.

Apple’s new credit card, issued in partnership with Goldman Sachs, started roll out earlier this week, and will become widely available in the US toward the end of the month.

IOS 12.4

In order to be able to use the new Apple Card, you will need to have IOS 12.4, however this won’t be a problem for most Apple fanatics.

The initial launch has been randomly selected although the company has yet to disclose how many are in this chosen few.

“Apple Card is not meant to directly compete with premium cards like the Chase Sapphire or American Express Platinum cards, the goal is to be broadly accessible to every iPhone owner, so the signup requirements will not be as strict as those cards.” Apple Spokesperson.

We have heard great talk about what the card will be able to offer, but can you cancel if it doesn’t work for you?

Yes but, customers will need to get in touch directly with Goldman Sachs, so we can expect to have a similar setup when the card is brought to the UK, remember Apple is not the bank behind the card.
We will just have to wait and see how well the card works in the states before we even ear whispers of it coming to the UK.

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