Apple HomeKit allows open-source development

Apple seem to be becoming more open with their OS, first with Apple Home and now with the Apple Homekit.

Open-sourcing is a easy way to get into a larger market, but it is something Apple seem to have shied away from for years now.

However, that all seems to be changing as now parts of the Apple HomeKit Accessory Development Kit or ADK, is going to he open-source, allowing any developer to experiment, whether they have a pre-existing business relationship with apple or not.

This announcement comes shortly after Apple announced a “team up”, which will allow the smart home devices to interact and work more effectively together.

The decision to open-source parts of the HomeKit appears that they are already headed in the right direction for the alliance and integrating the technology into the new standard.

However, as is always the way with Apple not all parts of the HomeKit will become open-source, therefore manufacturers will still need to become an MFI partner in the long run, however they will not need to pay for this till they have a working prototype.

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