Apple iPhone 12 announced with a mini, but no charger and 5G

The launch of the Apple iPhone 12 will include a mini variant, no charger and 5G for those much anticipating fans.

The miniature version isn’t really that mini with a screen measuring 5.4 inches, but that is a smaller size compared to recent iPhones.

“5G will bring a new level of performance for downloads and uploads, higher quality video streaming, more responsive gaming, real-time interactivity and so much more,” said chief executive Tim Cook.

This time round the handsets look completely different, styled much more like the Phone 4S rather than the flowing lines we have come to expect.

The iPhone 12 will also have a pro variant as expected with Apple, but also some benefits in terms of a low light sensor for late night photography.

But, and that is a big but, none of the handsets will be sold with headphones or a charger.

This may hark back to the environmental improvements with delivering a new charger with every device or the cost saving element.

The iPhone 12 has the same 6.1in screen as its predecessor, but it now will use OLED rather than LCD technology for richer colours.

This has also allowed apple to reduce the depth of the device by 11% meaning you will have a thinner are sleeker device to slide into your pocket.

Worried about dropping that skinnier model of iPhone, well Apple have you covered there too, claiming to have used a ceramic shield for “four times better drop performance”

The phone will run on the new Apple A14 chipset. which will speed up processing meaning you can use a million filters on your selfies.

For the wireless charging a magnet array has been introduced on the rear of the device to allow the charger to latch on and stay connected, rather than fall down the bedside.

Apple are also releasing some accessories for the handsets which connect to the magnets, including a new Apple wallet, no doubt there will be other brands who release alternatives closer to the time.

    October 23rd the iPhone 12 will go on sale at £799
    November 13th the iPhone 12 Mini will go on sale at £699

The iPhone Pro and Pro Max will be released later on but will come with screen sizes varying between 5.8in and 6.7in respectively.

They gain a Lidar (light detection and ranging) scanner.

Creating depth maps of the environment, which can be used for gaming and faster focusing, it is the same technology used in self driving cars.

The Pro devices will however whack a bigger punch in terms of price and will range from £999 to £1,099.

The iPhone 12 will also feature a very smart setting where the handset will be able to traverse between 4 and 5G without user interaction as and when the enhanced download speeds are needed.

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