No charger port iPhone 12 an no charger Samsung

Apple may not be including a charger port on the iPhone 12, but it seems Samsung may be removing the charger from the box.

Starting 2021 Samsung will be removing chargers from the box of some of the handsets, according to Korean News.

This is because it is likely that people already have chargers from previous handsets, and they want to help to reduce the costs.

This may seem quite strange considering the fact that after 2 years of use there are few charges which still are intact let alone working.

However, this does seem to the future for handsets, and removing the charger will supposedly lower the cost to the consumer.

The other point to consider is the environmental benefit, having a new charger every other year is hardly a bonus for the planet.

You may remember an article we wrote a few months ago about the tech waste, which is currently building up on the planet.

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