Apple iPhone unlock wearing a mask will need an Apple watch

Apple iPhone has an update due, this will allow owners to unlock their handsets even when wearing a mask, however you will need an Apple watch.

The new update will be a huge benefit to iPhone users if they also have a watch, allowing them to access their phone without having to use the passcode.

At the moment it takes a passcode when logging into the phone if an area of the face is covered, by things such as a face mask.

Many users find this frustrating, despite Apple adding the quick passcode screen last year, when the face ID does not work.

The IOS 14.5 upgrade is due to change this, however users will also need to be wearing an Apple Watch 3 or more recent device.

The watch will also need to have been unlocked by the user when they place it on their wrist.

This will then allow the iPhone to take a partial facial recognition check as it has 2 factor authentications that the user is wearing the watch.

This new setting will need to be activated by users as it will not be set as a factory default, rather accessed through the handset settings.

Currently the new setup will unlock limited functionality on the handset, such as Apple pay or purchases within the app store, further access to apps will require the passcode.

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