Apple stores in China reopen as the UK closes down due to Coronavirus

Just as Boris Johnson is shutting down the UK, Apple is reopening all of the China stores
a month after the outbreak of Coronavirus.

All 42 of the Chinese stores opened on Friday, although some do have restricted opening hours.

This is happening amidst Boris Johnson UK Prime Minister is saying everyone should avoid office, pubs and travelling.

Apple shut the stores mid February as China was placing lockdown on several cities in effected areas.

It is clear now that the virus has had far more effect globally than first imagined with Microsoft, Jaguar Land Rover and many companies being effected.

Just today it was unveiled that Virgin were having to suspend four fifths of all international flights due to the outbreak.

Demand for new phones has halved for Apple year on year, with the virus being said to be the largest reason.

494,000 iPhones compared to 1.27 million

This drop in handset sales has led to Apple revenue depleting, amid the concerns over Coronavirus.

Supply has been a huge factor for many companies, as we all know a lot of the hardware is manufactured in China, therefore unavailable.

China may be returning to normal, however we will have to wait and see how long it will be for the rest of us. It is always easier to lockdown a communist society.

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