European members of parliament voted on charging cable

The European members of parliament have voted on a law requiring all new portable devices to use the same type of charging cable.

This will be a big change for Apple and Amazon, as all iPhones, iPads and Kindles will be required to use USB-C chargers from 2024.

Laptop manufacturers will have until 2026 to unite under the same USB-C charging port.

Only 13 of the members voted against the decision with an almighty 602 votes for.

EU member states will need to approve the changes prior to the 24th of October, then the changes will be written into law.

This unity across charging ports has been on the cards for a while now, with the initial talks happening a decade ago.

Apple is one of the manufacturers who has historically argued against the proposal of charger unity, stating that it, ”stifles innovation.

The unification is aimed at reducing waste cause by having multiple excess chargers for all of your gadgetry.

The devices aren’t just iPads and iPhones, as there are a lot of additional devices, which will have to change charging ports; e-readers, mice, keyboards, GPS, headphones, cameras, games controllers and portable speakers.

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