General Motors increase investment in electric by 75 percent

General Motors will increase investment in electric and autonomous vehicles by 75 percent over their initial pledge.

In a press release General Motors has increased their planned investment for up to 2025 two $35 billion.

The investment seems drastic given the low requirements currently set in the US for moving to electric vehicles over internal combustion engines.

Electric vehicles are still in their infancy and will likely still take many years to become the norm.

However, this does mean General Motors are more likely to reach the UK pledge of all electric vehicles on sale by 2030.

In the USA the main market for the General Motors brand electric vehicles make up just 1% of new car sales per year at present.

America is starting to introduce incentives two new vehicle buyers looking at electric cars and this could increase the percentage of sales over the next few years.

General Motors are taking the tact that they will become the largest manufacturer of electric vehicles in North America, they currently hold this title for ICE vehicles.

General Motors is not the only U.S. company looking to pledge a move to electric vehicles in the future, Ford made this pledge a few months back.

However, the investment being made by American companies is but a drop in the ocean compared to what European and Asian car manufacturers are looking to invest.

General Motors recently released the new Hummer EV, with crab style parking and a far better consumption then the original combustion engine model.

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