Google Pixel 6 smartphone has a Google chip alongside AI

The new Google Pixel 6 smartphone has been revealed and will contain a Google own chip alongside Artificial Intelligence AI powered features.

The Pixel 6 will contain a “Tensor” processor, something that has been developed in-house by the International Internet Icon.

The Pixel 6 will come in a range of handsets to suit all wallets, and for once will also include a Pro model to match competitors.

Google Android is one of only a few operating systems used around the globe on smartphones, Apple IOS is another that is well known.

But, where Samsung, Sony and Apple handsets can cost you North of £1000, the Google Pixel 6 Pro will be hitting the shelves as a mere £849.

The standard Pixel 6 will also be kinder on wallets than alternatives with a £599 price tag, which is again below the average for a smartphone with so many features.

Cameras on both devices are in a sleek bar along the side of the device and will both have a 50mp main camera, 12mp ultrawide, however the Pro will also feature a 48mp additional camera offering 4x optical zoom.

The Pro model also packs some other features that may sway your decision, with increased memory fast screen refresh and a 120hz screen.

Google has been known to incorporate AI in its camera tech, and with the Google 6 you can expect exactly that.

The “magic eraser” will be one of those AI features, capable of detecting distractions in a photograph and removing it.

A new feature will be the “face deblur”.this will utilise all cameras to ensure that even if a person is moving in the frame, the AI will be able to combine the data and make the person appear still.

These features may also be introduced to videos, and only available on Google Android phones.

The new chip in the Pixel 6 is rumoured to be up to 80% faster than what was previously available on the Pixel 5 just 12 months ago.

This allows the Google transcription and translation to work a lot fast than previously, and similarly to “Hey Siri”, Google users will also be able to say, “Hey Google”.

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