Huawei no longer assisting in UK 5G following Coronavirus

There is talk that Huawei will no longer be assisting in the UK 5G network following the Coronavirus pandemic.

The involvement of Huawei in the UK’s 5G network had previously been approved in January, but with the current crisis a rebellion within the Conservative party started, attempting to overturn the decision.

Huawei explained it has been working with partners like BT, Vodafone and EE to deal in order to deal with the exponential growth to supply the market with telecommunications services, setting up three new warehouses in order to have spare parts available.

Huawei’s UK chief Victor Zhang said that the current crisis has highlighted how many people has brought to light the number of people, especially those not living in towns or cities, are “stuck in a digital slow lane”. Therefore, removing Huawei from the UK 5G network would slow down the roll out. .

“There are those who choose to continue to attack us without presenting any evidence,” he writes.

“Disrupting our involvement in the 5G rollout would do Britain a disservice.”

The company has already been banned from providing parts to the more sensitive parts or the 5G network.

But, allowing Huawei to have any role in the UK network is seen as a risk by some UK politicians and also the US.

Critics have said that giving the Chinese company any role to play in the network is a security risk, due to the fears that the Chinese Government are more involved that they admit.

The issue of whether Huawei is allowed to assist with our communications has been a long fought argument.

On one side the argument is that the speed that we will be able to provide 5G will come at a much fasted rate if Huawei are involved, allowing the UK to benefit from greater connectivity at a lesser cost and therefore allowing economic growth.

However, the counter argument is that Huawei may have stronger involvement with the Chinese Government than they admit, also the fact the Coronavirus was mishandled by the Chinese Government.

Several ministers have said already that there is to be a reckoning once the current crisis has passed.

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