Hyundai innovation following the withdrawal of Apple

Hyundai has ploughed into innovation head first, following the withdrawal of a partnership with Apple earlier this year.

Just last week Apple confirmed that they had a major contract on the way with Kia, although prior to this Hyundai was in the running.

Hyundai cars have not quite been the future focused vehicles that the current market desires.

However, they recently acquired Boston Dynamics, showing that they are now leaping forward with the robotics developer.

Innovation within the auto industry has been ramped up a lot in the past couple of years with the enviroment becoming a real concern for many.

Therefore, having electric and autonomous vehicles seems like the only sensible next step, especially given the UK withdrawal from fossil fuel powered vehicles in 2030.

Hyundai has not shyed away from the changes in the industry and are now bringing their own range of electric vehicles to market under the Ioniq range name.

This will bring a range of 12 electric vehicles to the company over the next 12 years, with a totally fossil fuel free fleet by 2040.

The manufacturer isn’t stopping at the vehicles though, as they have also been busy in introducing the infrastructure required around the globe.

Included in this are recharging stations, but also the hydrogen plants, which are expected to b running at least some of the next gen vehicles.

Another venture that has recently gone under is a partnership with self-driving company Aptiv, an Irish company that supplies the technology to help integrate data from sensors the self-driving cars rely on.

You may also remember the Hyundai plan for solar vehicles announced last year.

Finally and this is quite the ambitious plan, Hyundai has began research and development into flying taxis, aiming to have them on the road (or in the sky) by 2028.

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