Microsoft Apple announced carbon neutral businesses 2030

Microsoft and Apple officially announced they will be targeting to become carbon neutral or negative across the businesses and manufacturing by 2030.

This will allow the Apple devices to arrive at the retailer with zero climate impact, which considering the current climate woes is a great thing.

It has also said that any company looking to supply Apple products will have to adhere to their policy.

Microsoft has taken this a step further and has promised carbon negativity by the year 2030.

Furthermore, by the year 2050 it claims to have removed all of the carbon the company has emitted from the environment.

2040 is the year Amazon has set for carbon neutrality, understandable a couple of years ahead of the tech giants as it needs to deal with the entire Prime delivery sector.

This means that all of the companies above will hit their goals in advance of the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change’s 2050 target for net-zero carbon-dioxide emissions.

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