Motorola Razr 5G this year

A second Motorola Razr could be with us later this year including 5G, a lager battery and improved cameras.

The first reboot of the Razr faldable handset was introduced by Motorola in February of this year.

We have heard from a podcast that the next Razr will be introduced in September, this was leaked by the Lenovo South Africa general manager.

The next RazrQualcomm’s 5G-capabale Snapdragon 765 processor, and it could have an 2,845mAh battery.

The new Razr may also be making a 32 megapixel jump in quality, up to 48 megapixel, which is far more comparable to the current flagships on the market.

That’s not everything we are expecting the internal storage and RAM to be making leaps as well.

If these specs are true then we are sure all of the fans of the handset will be rejoicing, however it might be best to wait till Motorola make the announcement.

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