New BMW long range electric vehicle

The BMW iX3 will be the company’s first long range electric vehicle, originally announced in 2018 and with striking similarities to the X3.

Due to be released in Europe and China, where the vehicle is being made the car will be equipped with a 74kwh battery allowing for 273 miles from a full charge.

Due for production in the tail end of 2020 it is clear that BMW are looking toward the future, something that was previously announced when the company said it would be working with Jaguar Land Rover on battery research and development.

This certainly isn’t the only electric vehicle BMW are working on, the i4 is known to also be in in development, however we doubt it will look as stunning as the concept below.

Back to the iX3, it is scheduled to go on sale in August at a price of around £60,000, so around £20,000 more than the current X3 model, however could you quantify that in the fuel saving.

The other nicety of the EV is the fact it should do 0-62 in just 6 seconds, which is quick for a sports utility vehicle.

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