New Huawei, is it all that was expected?

In short yes, with a stunning new camera setup and plenty of new and improved features. There’s also a few things we’ve not previously encountered on a handset.

From the Top

The new Huawei is a flagship phone that’s without a doubt, and if it meets up to the hype which has been built up then its going to be a treat.

Specifications Summary

  • Review Price: £899.99
  • 3 rear cameras, engineered by Leica
  • 4-inch OLED display
  • fast charging

The Huawei P30 Pro has high-end specs and features as you would expect from any 2019 flagship device, similar to the S10 we reviewed in the past. Huawei have gone above and beyond though with the camera, and it would be a mistake not to mention the hard work they have been doing.

What you do with the handset if you do decide upon it is up for you, but i would strongly recommend taking time away from selfies, instead go to one on the 7 wonders and take the P30 for a spin. With its 10x zoom lacking no quality, you won’t be disappointed.

Snappy Snap

The rear of the device hosts 3 cameras, featuring an all-new Super Sensing 40-megapixel sensor with an f/1.6 aperture and 26mm focal length.

Super Sensing moniker. RGB sensor (that’s red, green and blue) well that’s old hat, the P30 Pro uses RYYB – or red, yellow, yellow, blue, this allows the camera to capture more light than the old hat style of doing things. Alongside the 40m camera your sure to get some fantastic detail.

Not just that though as there are two further cameras: an ultra-wide, 20-megapixel and 8-megapixel telephoto camera, capable of 5x optical zoom. The three cameras combines create that massive 10x hybrid zoom, which I must say certainly isn’t lacking.

It also features a interesting time of flight sensor or ToF which is able to add depth to the picture.

There is also a new HDR which encompasses AI tech inside the Kirin 980 chipset to improve the HDR. Huawei said the camera will “determine what you’re shooting and alter the strength and look of the effect, keeping skin tones natural“.

On top of all that there’s also a 32-megapixel selfie camera in the tiny dewdrop notch on the front, benefiting from the HDR and super low-light modes.

Looking Good

The Huawei surpasses all of its predecessors in the design department, a fresh and modern approach.

With a pretty standard sized screen 6.4-inch, which does seem to be becoming the norm these days, the display stretches nearly edge-to-edge.


The phone despite being quite large feels very ergonomic, and with the dew drop camera on the front I am tempted to say it is slightly more attractive than its competition the Samsung S10.

Not the Nitty Gritty

As with all flagships it comes with all the features one would expect of such a device. OLED panel display with HDR support in apps. Wireless fast charging, IP68 water resistance and a fingerprint sensor.


Any Negs?

The display continues as the FHD+ opposed to quad-HD+ which its competitors seem to favor these days and when looking very closely you will see the pixel breaks.

The EMUI software needs a lot of work doing as the applications tend to crash and the styling needs some improvement. Not all bad news though as this software does allow many power saving options.


All in all though, we liked it and it gets a strong 9/10