New televisions from Samsung, both bezel-less 8K and spinning

Samsung have almost entirely removed the bezels from the new QLED 8K televisions, allowing 99% or the front surface to be screen.

Unveiled at the CES 2020 alongside a few other surprises, the new flagship screen has no announced price, however its certain to be expensive.

Samsung are titling it the “Infinity Display”, and although there is no official release date, it wouldn’t be too much of a shock if it comes in Spring.

The bezel that surrounds the screen takes up just 2.3 millimeters, therefore if you are sat around 6ft away you are very unlikely to notice, therefore giving the impression of being bezel-less.

The television itself is only 15 millimeters, so it will fit snugly against the wall, when Samsung were asked if they were worried if the screen could get damaged due to the lack of surround, they said they expected most people to put it on the wall anyway.

They have also used a very clever AI upscaling to allow content to appear closer to native 8K, however real 8k content is still incredibly difficult to come across.

Samsung will also be working with streaming sites like Amazon Prime on a new streaming technology, which prevents data loss on the journey between the streaming provider and the television, “ScaleNet”

The TV will also come with Samsung’s own “OTS+”, which has been coined by samsung as (Object Tracking Sound Plus) basically recognising when moving objects are shown on screen, then allowing the speakers to follow that sound, which Samsung believe resembles 5.1 surround sound.

Bixby, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, will of course be included in the standard line up.

We were a little perplexed when Samsung first launched the rotating tv, however despit only being available in South Korea to start with it seems they are now bringing it to the rest of the world.

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