Samsung affordable foldable phones

Samsung the market leader in foldable phones right now, has yet been able to make the foldable handsets at an affordable price, but that may be about to change.

The company is rumoured to be working on a new foldable handset with a less wallet punching price.

Max Weinbach has leaked that Samsung is be working on a Samsung Galaxy Fold e that would cost $1,100 (roughly £890 / AU$1,690).

For comparison that is around half the price of the original Samsung Galaxy Fold, and the Samsung Flip Z it might still be a few hundred away from the mid range handsets we see today, but it’s definitely headed in the right direction.

The report leads us to believe this would not be a replacement for any of the current foldable Samsung phones available, but it would be in addition to.

This would allow them to have a handset for each level of audience from the high end to the bargain basement, but still not really a bargain.

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